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A Quick Tour of Amazon’s Mobile App Developer Program

OK, my mobile app isn’t quite ready yet, but this post from the people at AWS caught my attention. One of the main difficulties in developing Android applications is that there’s not one app store (not even one draconian one), but several different app stores available. Amazon hopes to fill that void by developing its own app store for any Android device, and while only time will tell if it is successful, given Amazon’s track record of quality and market reach any mobile developer needs a foothold here. If you sign up now, it’s free for the first year:

If you are using the SDK to build an Android application, I would like to encourage you to join our new Appstore Developer Program and to submit your application for review. Once your application has been approved and listed, you’ll be able to sell it on Amazon.com before too long (according to the Appstore FAQ, we expect to launch later this year). If you join the program now we’ll waive the $99 annual fee for your first year in the program.

You can list both free and paid applications, and you’ll be paid 70% of the sale price or 20% of the list price, whichever is greater. You will be paid each month as long as you have a balance due of at least $10 for US developers and $100 for international developers. The Amazon Developer Portal will provide you with a number of sales and earnings reports.

The store will provide rich merchandising capabilities. Each product page will be able to display multiple images and videos along with a detailed product description.

Joining the program is simple. If you already have an Amazon.com custome or affiliate account (and who doesn’t), you can simply use that account:

After this, it’s about 4-5 confirmations until you’re signed up. Is this you name? Agree to terms of service? Agree to pay us the $99 after your first year? If you charge for apps, what’s your bank account info?

By the way… only a $10 minimum payout is very cool…

After that you’re in!

Of course, the rest of the site is incomplete. They do have samples of the submit an app page, reports, and account pages that are interesting. It looks like you’ll have considerable control over your application’s launch cycle- including pre-orders and limited release windows. The reports look basic but adequate for most developers. I do hope they open up an API that lets you get more information on the who/what/where of downloads… but it’s a welcome and much needed addition to the android marketplace.