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Baby Einstein

A quick non-programming related comment… anyone who’s been blessed with children in the past 10 years surely knows about the Baby Einstein empire. Long story short, they claimed that watching TV could¬†actually¬†help your baby learn. Of course this is not true, and when studies came out proving that it actually hindered childrens’ language skills, Disney got pressured into offering refunds for all Baby Einstein DVDs.

The controversy remains at a simmer, because the original creator of Baby Einstein is trying to redeem his name by challenging the study. It’s a mildly interesting story, but here’s the take-home point:

In fact, I would argue that the Baby Einstein culture has been harmful, contributing to (while feeding off of) the over-parenting that has marked the most recent generation. It can be argued that parents should worry less about trying to force the intellectual development of their very young children, and just relax and give them more quality time and attention.

Turn off the TV and play with your kids! It’s good for them, and gives you an excuse to be childish on a daily basis.