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Programming the Ingenico 6770 in C#

One of the more troublesome projects I’ve been working in is adding signature capture + MSR to a desktop application. One of the hardware pieces we added support for is the Ingenico 6770. The good news is that with the economic downturn you can get them for a steal on eBay. But your customers may be loathe to spend what these cost new…

Regardless, here are my initial observations:

  • While you may be able to get this working in straight .NET code with the Microsoft PointOfService libraries – it isn’t worth it. Your customers will need to install the driver software from Ingenico to get the device working at all, and that software installs some ActiveX objects that expose far more reliable and powerful API methods.
  • Yes, you heard me correctly – ActiveX controls. Ingenico seriously needs to work on improving their API.
  • Ingenico also does not supply any of their SDKs directly on their web site. You will need to contact the company via phone or email and ask for a link to the SDK’s. Once you do so be sure to get both the SDK for the product you are working on, along with the “Signature SDK.” They do not come in one package or location.
  • Once you get the SDKs and add them to your project most parts are fairly simple. The only major problem I had was with extracting the signature from the library into a string I could save to the database, so it could be read back and displayed to the user later. It turns out that while the regular SDK documents never mentioned it, the signature SDK did mention that you must set BinaryConversion to OPOS_BC_NIBBLE in order to get this working.
  • SDK did not say what the value for OPOS_BC_NIBBLE is…. I’ll tell you it’s 1.